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Automated Testing in a Connected World – Nextgen ATAMConnect

We live in a world more connected than ever before. From the smartphones we carry in our pockets to the smart home systems that automate our activities, we rely increasingly on our connected devices to support our work and personal lives. These devices use connectivity technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and more, forming the backbone of our modern digital world. The interoperability and functionality of these devices are paramount, and this is where the role of connected product interoperability testing becomes crucial.

The benefit of product testing and product interoperability is clear, with businesses large and small ever more aware of the importance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. But in a global economy this is no easy task. Product development teams are now tasked with creating products for use all around the world confirmed global product compatibility, guaranteed user experience and satisfaction.

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The Evolution of Testing

Traditional testing methods, largely manual, have served us well for decades. However, with the sheer volume and complexity of the digital products in today's market, manual testing has limitations. It is often time-consuming, expensive, and fraught with the potential for human error.

Recognising these challenges, Nextgen has pioneered a shift in paradigm – integrating automated testing based on Nextgen’s codeless ATAMConnect automation platform and extending capabilities using advanced robotics and intelligent vision systems.


The Power of Automated Testing

The value of automated testing extends beyond its capability to handle repetitive tasks efficiently. Nextgen leverages automation to perform hundreds or even thousands of test cycles, providing in-depth insights into device performance that manual testing may overlook.

For instance, analysing performance distribution over many test cycles, reveals insights into the stability and reliability by mapping connectivity features over many more repetitions - something only automated testing can achieve. For example creating a connection time profile of Bluetooth Low Energy connection times upon coming into range, or after a power cycle. By measuring and mapping performance over many cycles, automated testing can uncover hidden bugs that may be easily missed during manual testing due to the lack of test coverage or the intermittent nature of the problem.

To expand the test scope and enhance testing precision ATAMConnect test automation creates a potent product testing service platform. This combination enables automated functional testing, recording of test results, and capturing system and event logs, recording live video of failure modes all in conjunction and while tests are in progress. Crucially, automated test scenarios can be more complex than manual counterparts, revealing details such as a products responsiveness to commands and latency over time and in borderline and edge cases.

Collaborative robots extend possibilities

Collaborative robots, or cobots, are designed to work interactively with humans in a shared space. ATAMConnect also supports cobot integration for projects where the ability to manipulate and test physical control and performance is required. Cobots have the ability to physically control products under test and measure applied force, allowing them to mimic real-world human interactions, a required feature in product testing. This interactive capability can range from manipulating conventional touch screens to buttons, sliders, rotary controls, and pressure-sensitive interfaces, simulating user experiences more accurately than ever before.


Real-world Solutions

Nextgen's approach to product testing has proven instrumental in resolving real-world problems. For instance, an automotive OEM faced challenges with dropped connections on a premium infotainment system. Deploying Nextgen's ATAMConnect with cobot and vision system for extensive stress testing provided valuable insights and solutions, allowing the OEM to work closely with phone manufacturers to address the issues.

Similarly, for Human Interface Device (HID) products like a computer mouse that have a very specific interaction with users, automated test cases enable the measurement of the HID device's responsiveness from rest, providing critical data on user responsiveness and latency. One potential use of aggregating automated HID test data is in helping wireless HID product developers to create optimised power efficiency strategies.

Ensuring Global Interoperability

With a global footprint, Nextgen ensures products under test meet different regional standards and protocols, guaranteeing global interoperability.

Nextgen’s mobile device library, one of the largest globally, enables us to test connected products against countless permutations of mobile products and technologies. This holistic approach assures broad compatibility and paves the way for seamless interoperability in an increasingly interconnected world.


The Nextgen Difference

With a unique combination of innovative automated testing methodologies and robust data analysis, we aim to deliver connectivity intelligence that powers the success of devices in the market. As we continue to embrace and pioneer advances in technology, our commitment to delivering accurate, efficient, and comprehensive product testing is pivotal. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a seamlessly connected world, powered by connected products that deliver their promise of interoperability and performance.

Automated Testing For Customer Satisfaction

Automating connected product testing is the best way to ensure reliable and seamless connectivity. By integrating automated testing as part of your connected product development and QA strategy, you can catch potential problems early and prevent them from becoming major issues.

Nextgen believe in the power of connected technology, and we're dedicated to making sure connected products work flawlessly, every time.

Find Out More

To learn more about automated Bluetooth testing and how it can benefit your business, check out Nextgen's case study. For further information about our testing services and how Nextgen can support your connected product development, and QA processes please contact us today or call +44 3331 120 000.

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