Video: Advanced automated cobot testing of true wireless earbuds

By: Nextgen | On: Feb 28, 2023 | In: Videos

This video showcases Nextgen's ATAM Connect cobot automation testing TWS smart earbud sensors using physical manipulation. We highlight the ATAM Connect automation platform and cobot testing of true wireless earbuds, including pairing, Bluetooth connection and disconnection and hardware functions,  audio quality, phone interoperability and apps.

Through cobot motion automation, the platform can test multiple earbuds for pairing and connection, and including all smart hardware functions enabled by placement and motion by the earbud sensors.

The automation tests various functions such as Bluetooth pairing and connection, disconnection and audio transfer. Using the cobot, ATAM Connect verifies sensor functions, ear presence detection, single earbud mode functions, audio switching, and much more.

The ATAM Connect platform features smartphone control, Bluetooth connection tests, Audio quality tests, VR, voice quality, and recognition testing. The ATAM Connect Cobot system incorporates safety mechanisms, allowing the platform to work alongside human engineers. The ATAM Connect FlexFlow user interface provides an intuitive graphical environment for programming the full test sequence and all phone and earbud hardware operations.

Find out more about Nextgen ATAM test automation.


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