Video: Silicon Development Board Test Automation with ATAM Connect

By: Nextgen | On: Sep 30, 2022 | In: Videos

This video looks at automated testing for silicon platform development boards and mobile companion apps with Nextgen ATAM Connect test automation platform.

When developing new products on silicon platform development boards QA and product development teams need to rapidly test prototype products and the interaction with mobile companion apps end-to-end to validate performance fast and build robust connected products. 

Many new connected products are developed in parallel with companion apps to provide for their control and configuration. This example demonstrates automation of products while still at development board stage with the connected apps under development with which they are designed to function. 

Prototype products can now be tested in a single test process to assess the full product functionality and design capabilities. This innovative method for automated testing of products at silicon platform level provides important insights at an earlier stage for developers, helping to ensure that the connected product and companion mobile and desktop apps function as designed. 

Using innovative ATAM Connect automation it’s possible to test mobile companion apps with interfaces to the connected products and provide control and configuration. This guarantees the product functionality end-to-end, covering all manner of prototype products from connected consumer and industrial devices, home automation, medical, wearable tech and developing for connected cloud ecosystems like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home. 

Find out more about Nextgen ATAM test automation.


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