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Automated Testing for a Driver's Information Panel: The Future of Vehicular Safety

The driver's information panel is not just a feature—it's the lifeline of a vehicle's dashboard. Providing drivers with real-time data on speed, performance, warning signals, engine modes, and more, its flawless operation is pivotal for on-road safety. But given the complex nature of information this panel presents, coupled with varying international regulations, how can  complete accuracy be assured?

Enter the world of automated testing—a domain undergoing rapid transformation, evolving from rigid, scripted test sequences to creating versatile, codeless tests which bring advancements in automated testing and the valuable benefits of automation.

Why Automated Testing?

Traditionally, testing the driver's information panel would encompass a comprehensive plan involving over 700 individual tests. From multimedia functions to diagnostic indications, these tests ensured that every feature worked impeccably. But with the advent of automated testing, an impressive 76% of these tests have been transitioned to automated tests. Not just that—each test under automation is conducted ten times, enhancing reliability and ensuring performance.

One of the most significant breakthroughs in this sphere is the Nextgen ATAMConnect platform, which is at the forefront of blending manual and automated testing. By leveraging codeless programming and vision systems, the ATAMConnect platform can visually recognise icons, symbols, and driver information, as showcased in the accompanying video.

The ROI of Automated Testing

For industry professionals, numbers hold great significance, and the Return on Investment (ROI) for automated testing is compelling. In a comparative analysis, even with a ten-fold increase in test iterations, automated testing consumed just 21% of the time taken by traditional manual methods. This translates to a whopping efficiency saving of over 75%. In simpler terms, not only does automation save time, but it also drastically reduces long-term costs, offers increased accuracy, and ensures comprehensive test coverage, especially for indispensable features.

Challenges in Automation

While the benefits of automation are vast, it's essential to understand its limitations. There will always be certain tests—like Diagnostic Specifications, which currently stand at 0% automation—that might not be suitable for complete automation. Ensuring the reliability and ongoing maintenance of automated tests as technology evolves is another challenge professionals must navigate.

Embracing the Future

As the automotive industry races towards more tech-centric solutions, automated testing isn't just an option—it's the future. While it's pivotal to strike a balance between manual and automated testing, the latter promises unprecedented advancements, safety, and efficiency in developing vehicular systems. For industry stakeholders, this is not just a trend but a clarion call to embrace the innovation that lies ahead.

Automated testing, especially platforms like Nextgen ATAM Connect, are revolutionising the way we ensure automotive safety and functionality. The accompanying video provides a hands-on demonstration of this technology in action, underscoring the profound impact automation is set to have in the automotive world.

Find out more about Nextgen ATAM Connect test automation. For more information about our testing services and how Nextgen can support your product development, please contact us today or call +44 3331 120 000.

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