Video: Automated mobile app and connected product testing with ATAM Connect

By: Nextgen | On: Aug 01, 2022 | In: Videos

Launch connected products fast with Nextgen ATAM Connect test automation for mobile apps and connected product hardware.

This new approach allows QA and product development teams to rapidly test connected product and mobile companion apps end-to-end and guarantee a great user experience.

Many connected products come with companion apps which provide for their control and configuration. This video demonstrates automation of mobile apps and connected products that can now be tested in a single test process to assesses the full end user experience. These examples provide insight for companion app developers to help ensure that the app user interface and the connected product hardware and cloud services function as expected by automating and controlling all supported user functions.

Using innovative ATAM Connect automation it’s possible to test all mobile companion app functions and control over the connected products they are designed to give users and control and configuration. This guarantees all app and product  functions, from ensuring fintech mobile payment apps, health apps and configuration of sensors, setting up and connected consumer products, home automation and connected cloud ecosystems like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home.

Find out more about Nextgen ATAM test automation.


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