Video: Navigation system testing with ATAM Connect

By: Nextgen | On: Nov 17, 2021 | In: Videos

In this video we explore using automated testing for in-car navigation systems to evaluate all features and user functions of the modern infotainment system in multiple regions and languages.

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ATAM Connect with vision system, Cobot automation and Acoustic head provides an all-in-one automated solution integrating visual recognition, infotainment touchscreen testing, voice recognition and mobile phone control, allowing all features and user functions to be automated for advanced testing. ATAM Connect FlexFlow's unique codeless test creation allows for easy test creation of any end user scenario without specialised coding skills.

ATAM Connect vision system and collaborative robot swiftly adapts to different user interface and functions, handling both the built-in infotainment user interface and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces. This allows the full scope of user experience to be evaluated.

The ATAM Connect cobot functionality allows for control of physical buttons as well as touch screens, and can handle analogue rotary controls. The Acoustic head simulator supports voice recognition system testing in multiple languages.

The cobot includes safety mechanisms such as force feedback, collision control sensors and light curtains to work collaboratively and safely with human engineers, and is fully ISO compliant for deployment.

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