Video: ATAM cobot automated touchscreen interface testing

By: Nextgen | On: Jul 02, 2021 | In: Videos

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The Nextgen ATAM FlexFlow Vision system and Cobot is the easy to use advanced automation platform for all types of user interface testing.

ATAM FlexFlow cobot has intuitive test creation using mouse touches on the vison system display to control cobot movement.

ATAM FlexFlow vison system and collaborative robot (cobot) easily adapts to different user interfaces and recognises text and icons and with both single touches and touchscreen swipes.

The ATAM FlexFlow cobot controls physical buttons as well as touch screens, and can handle analogue rotary controls. Motion and torque sensors accurately reproduce and record the application forces.

ATAMs FlexFlow test sequences are simple to create and auto adapt to interface changes while testing. ATAM captures results using a variety logging and analysis tools, e.g. Bluetooth air traces, IP packet dumps, as well as capturing a video record of all events.

The cobot system incorporates a number of different safety mechanisms to work alongside human engineers. These include force feedback and collision control sensors, light curtains to define the active cobot space and safety planes outside of which the cobot cannot move. The system is fully ISO safety compliant for deployment.

Find out more about Nextgen ATAM test automation.

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