Video: ATAM: the ultimate solution for automated interoperability testing from NextGen

By: Nextgen | On: Aug 06, 2020 | In: Videos

Nextgen ATAM is an innovative solution for the automated testing of connected systems and mobile devices. ATAM changes the way the developers and the test engineers validate functionality, creating new opportunities for testing complex product use cases and interactions.

Based on this experience, Nextgen has developed ATAM, an entirely new product to Automate testing of connectivity features Bluetooth, Wi-fi and USB. Control in-vehicle systems and mobile devices to emulate real-world scenarios. Create automated test plans which allow high repetition and complex use cases. Redefine test procedures and shorten the time needed to validate in-vehicle systems. Help manufacturers benchmark systems to ensure more robust and reliable performance. Provide new ways to build test cases to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

ATAM is a test tool which automates the interaction of mobile devices, in-car multimedia infotainment systems, consumer devices, IoT and more.


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